Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines the collection and utilization of personal information by Cognitionteam. It provides clarity on the data we collect from you and how we utilize it.

Last updated in February 2023.

Who We Are

Cognitionteam is a US-based provider of custom software development and IT consulting services, boasting a team of skilled IT professionals worldwide. Our website serves as a digital representation of our company, and we are deeply committed to ensuring your experience while browsing is exceptional. This includes sharing relevant materials, promptly addressing inquiries, and maintaining uninterrupted website functionality to avoid any annoyance. To enable us to do so, we rely on the personal data you provide, which we handle with utmost care and confidentiality. We understand the sensitivity surrounding personal data and have therefore developed this comprehensive privacy policy, covering every aspect of our handling of your personal information.

What Personal Data We Collect

Cognitionteam gathers information to provide you with tailored feedback regarding our services. Some of this data is directly provided by you, such as through contact forms when requesting support or commenting on our articles. Other information is obtained through various technologies, such as cookies and error reports, as well as usage data from software running on your device.

We also acquire information from third-party sources, which we safeguard according to the guidelines outlined in this statement, as well as any further constraints mandated by the data source. While third-party sources may change, our current sources are:

  • We collaborate with service providers who leverage your IP address to ascertain your location, enabling us to personalize certain products to your geographic area.

  • We team up with partners to provide co-branded services or engage in joint marketing initiatives.

  • We also utilize publicly accessible sources, such as open government databases or other publicly available data.

We provide you with options regarding the information we gather. While you have the liberty to decline providing personal data, if it is essential to deliver a service, feature, or feedback, opting out may result in the unavailability of said service, feature, or feedback.

Our data collection may comprise the following information:

We duly gather essential contact information at our establishment to ensure an exceptional level of service for our esteemed clientele. This comprises your first and last name, work email address, phone number, company name, and other pertinent contact data.

At Cognitionteam, we compile demographic data to enhance our understanding of our clientele and provide customized services tailored to your preferences. This encompasses your country of origin and preferred language, among other relevant data points.

We compile website data at Cognitionteam to better understand how you engage with our online platform and to enhance your browsing experience. This includes metrics such as the pages you visit and the duration of your stay on our site.

  • At our establishment, we analyze and record the behavior patterns of our visitors to gain insights into their preferences and improve our online platform accordingly. This includes collecting data on the specific website sections you visit and the duration of your stay on each page.

  • To optimize your experience on our website, we gather configuration data regarding the network through which you access our platform. This encompasses your IP address and related information.

  • At Cognitionteam, we gather error reports and performance data to diagnose any issues you may encounter while using our services and provide timely solutions. This information may include the type and severity of the problem, as well as details regarding the hardware or software implicated in the error. Depending on your browsing environment and settings, error reports may also include data regarding the files in use during the occurrence and other software installed on your device.

  • At Cognitionteam, when rendering troubleshooting and help services, we gather pertinent data regarding your hardware and software, as well as other relevant details related to the incident. This encompasses contact information, the content of chats and other communications with Cognitionteam, data regarding the condition of the machine and application when the issue arose and during diagnostics, as well as system and registry information about software installations and hardware configurations.

We kindly request that you exercise caution while using our contact us form, as you may inadvertently share personal data that we do not require, including payment information. Rest assured, we will not utilize this information in any capacity other than to store it securely on our backup server. To protect your privacy, please refrain from sharing any personal data that has not been explicitly requested.

Our website is not designed to cater to children and private individuals, and we do not intentionally gather information pertaining to them. If you are a parent, you have the option to modify or revoke consent choices previously made, as well as review, edit, or request the deletion of personal data pertaining to your children.

It is within the scope of our operations to procure personal data from third-party sources with your explicit consent, or through publicly accessible channels.

Why We Collect Personal Data

Cognitionteam procures data for the following objectives: dissemination of communications, encompassing promotional communications, advertising, analysis of website visitor statistics, technical website troubleshooting, and enhancement of website user experience.

While executing these objectives, our intention is to apprise you of relevant matters you have requested to be informed about, communicate with you for the purpose of obtaining or supplying additional information, ensure the accuracy of our records, and periodically verify your contentment and satisfaction. It is important to note that we do not rent or trade email lists with any external entities or businesses.

In order to augment privacy, we have integrated technological and procedural protective measures that are specifically crafted to inhibit data breaches. As an illustration, we securely retain data we acquire from you either directly or indirectly - such as your name, email address, phone number, and company name - within a fortified database.

Furthermore, you have the option to subscribe to our email services and select your preferred method of receiving promotional communications from Cognitionteam - be it via email, SMS, physical mail, or telephone.

Why We Share Personal Data

Your information will be shared with our Development Center, which will manage your request in compliance with our exacting data privacy and security standards. The Development Center is strictly prohibited from using any personal data it receives from us for any other purposes than those explicitly stated above. To ensure that the personal data you share is adequately protected, all responsibilities of the Development Center are established in an agreement between Cognitionteam and the Development Center.

We shall avail ourselves of the ability to access, transfer, disclose, and preserve personal data when we hold a sincere conviction that doing so is imperative to:

  • Ensure adherence to relevant laws and regulations, as well as promptly and effectively address valid legal requests, including those made by law enforcement or other governmental authorities.

  • We take great pride in implementing comprehensive measures to combat unsolicited spam and fraudulent attempts to prey on our users. Equally paramount to us is our steadfast dedication to mitigating any potential risks to human life or well-being. For us, protecting our customers is not just a duty, but a sacred obligation that we hold dear.

  • We prioritize the protection of Cognitionteam's rights by rigorously enforcing the terms and conditions governing the use of our services. We understand that maintaining a level playing field is critical to the success of any enterprise, and take swift action against any breaches of our policies.

We take full responsibility for any inconsistencies in the processing of personal data by third-party agents, unless we can prove that we are not liable for the damage caused. It is important to note that certain pages on our website contain links to third-party products, and their privacy practices may differ from ours. Should you choose to provide personal data to these parties, their privacy statements will govern the use of your information. Rest assured, we remain committed to upholding the highest standards of data privacy and security, and strive to ensure that your personal data is protected at all times.

What Rights You Have

As our valued customer, you have the right to access, modify, or delete any personal information that we hold pertaining to you.

  • At any time, you are entitled to inquire about the personal information we hold about you and the identity of any third-party recipients of your personal data.

  • We understand the importance of accurate personal data and are committed to ensuring that the information we hold is up-to-date and correct.

  • We respect your right to control the communication you receive from us, and provide you with the option to opt out of any marketing communications.

  • You are entitled to withdraw your consent for the processing of your information at any time.

  • You have the right to request the erasure or updating of your personal information, and we are committed to fulfilling this request in a timely and professional manner.

At Cognitionteam, we take data privacy seriously. To access or delete your personal data, please email your request to Our team will promptly respond to your request within 30 days, in accordance with data protection regulations.

Cookies & Similar Technologies

To enhance your online experience, Cognitionteam utilizes cookies and similar technologies to provide our services and gather important data. Cookies, which are small text files placed on your device, may contain a unique string of letters and numbers or other pertinent information that helps us improve your user experience. Rest assured that we take data privacy seriously and comply with all relevant laws and regulations to ensure the security and integrity of your personal information.

At Cognitionteam, we utilize cookies and similar technologies for various objectives such as offering high-quality online services and collecting data to enhance your experience. A typical cookie text usually comprises a sequence of characters that exclusively identifies your device, but it may also contain additional details.

  • At Cognitionteam, we prioritize the security of our website and services. To identify and prevent fraudulent activities and misuse, we leverage the usage of cookies.

  • At Cognitionteam, we understand the importance of retaining information that you provide on our website. To facilitate a seamless user experience and to remember the information you have added, we store the data in a cookie.

How to Control Cookies

We would like to inform you that in most cases, you have the ability to disable cookies through your browser settings.

At Cognitionteam, we utilize a range of advanced technologies, including Local Shared Objects (or "Flash cookies"), in addition to standard cookies. These technologies facilitate improved speed and performance by locally storing certain data files on your computer. Similarly to standard cookies, they can also be leveraged to generate a unique identifier for your device, which can enable us to track behavior.

Notice to End Users

At Cognitionteam, our services are aimed towards organizations. Therefore, your usage of our website may be subject to your organization's policies, if any. If your organization is administering your usage of our website, kindly refer to your administrator for any privacy-related inquiries. It's important to note that the privacy and security practices of our customers may vary from those outlined in this privacy statement, and Cognitionteam is not accountable for such discrepancies.

If you utilize an email address furnished by an affiliated organization like an employer or school, the domain proprietor (e.g., your employer) connected with your email address retains the right to access and handle your data, which may encompass the content of your communications and files.

How We Secure Your Data

We employ an array of cutting-edge security technologies and protocols to safeguard your personal data against any unauthorized access, utilization, or disclosure. To illustrate, we save the personal data you furnish on computer systems that boast restricted entry and are situated in supervised facilities.

For How Long the Data Will Be Stored

At Cognitionteam, we retain your personal data for the duration essential to fulfill your requested services and feedback, as well as for other vital purposes like conforming with our legal obligations and enforcing our agreements. As the retention periods may differ for distinct data categories, the actual retention duration may vary. Our standards to assess the retention periods consist of:

  • If personal data of a sensitive nature is involved, it is typically advisable to implement a shorter retention period, typically up to five years.

  • Is Cognitionteam obligated by law, contract, or other binding agreements to retain data? Such obligations may arise from mandatory data retention laws within the relevant jurisdiction, government directives to preserve data pertinent to an investigation, or the requirement to retain data for litigation purposes.

How We Change this Privacy Policy

In order to modify its terms or incorporate customer feedback, this privacy statement will be updated as necessary. Whenever changes are made, the "last updated" date at the top of the statement will be revised. If there are significant modifications to the statement, we will inform you by either prominently displaying a notice of the changes prior to their implementation or by directly sending you a notification.