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IT solution - Maintenance and Technical Support

Protect your IT solution

We'll assist you in identifying issues and possible threats with your IT solution and then have a rapid resolution that gets you back online quickly, minimising revenue loss. We assist you in adapting to changes in the climate, IT infrastructure, and integration points, ensuring that your systems continue to operate in a shifting landscape.

Reinforce skills - Maintenance and Technical Support

Reinforce your skills

We are well-versed in a variety of technical specialisations. As a result, we're well-positioned to assist you in overcoming technological challenges while also having a critical advantage during times of digital transformation. We'll establish a knowledge base that enables faster incident resolution and easier self-service for your end users, ensuring that you're prepared to respond to future change – whether sudden or gradual.

Overcome complex issues - Maintenance and Technical Support

Overcome complex issues

Our IT technical support and maintenance facilities are available at two different levels (L2 and L3). The first re-establishes the footing quickly after a failure. The second provides the most fundamental degree of support for complex problems – assisting you in improving software by code modifications.

Reduce TCO of IT systems - Maintenance and Technical Support

Reduce TCO of IT systems

Our years of experience ensure a seamless setup and a robust service framework, helping you to lower your total cost of ownership while also benefiting from quicker problem resolution, improved customer reviews, and lower device maintenance costs.

Transfer and manage duties and risks - Maintenance and Technical Support

Transfer and manage duties and risks

Your in-house staff will focus on core business activities while we manage your IT infrastructure. Additionally, we are available for after-hours assistance in the event of unexpected circumstances.

How can COGNITIONTEAM support you?

What We Do

After you report an issue, our team will work to determine the root cause and fix it as quickly as possible. Additionally, we will implement monitoring tools and react proactively to any accidents or possible problems, fixing them before the users are even aware of them. Our technical support is divided into two levels:

L2 Technical Support - Maintenance and Technical Support
L2 Technical Support
L3 Technical Support - Maintenance and Technical Support
L3 Technical Support

There will be no update to the code or the existing architecture until we recover from a failure of the device. Our L2 service covers:

  • Applications
  • Databases
  • Integrations points
  • Related environment components

We'll provide professional assistance to help with advanced problems and enhancement of your code In an extensive, and high-quality manner. Our L3 service covers:

  • Bug fixes
  • Security and performance issues
  • System compliance checks
  • Updates to integration interface

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