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Potential flaws in your SDLC - Software Audit

Identify any potential flaws in your SDLC

We'll help you recognise the strengths, shortcomings, and future threats in your SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) through an impartial review of your existing products, internal processes, and documentation – resulting in a better software solution.

Best possible product - Software Audit

Build the best possible product

Our robust quality assurance testing will evaluate your product against industry-recognized IEEE 829, ISO 29119, IEEE 730, and ISO 25010 specifications. We function within a rigorous and fully objective framework that maximises performance and increases your chances of identifying bottlenecks – prior to launch.

Product to market faster - Software Audit

Get your product to market faster

Our exhaustive software audit identifies bottlenecks and snagging points in your software, production, and/or testing processes, thereby saving you precious time and revenue.

Evaluate your project artefacts - Software Audit

Evaluate your project artefacts

We'll put your project documents and programme outputs (Dev, QA, BA, UX, PM, InfoDev, and DevOps streams) to the test, assisting you in increasing your business maturity.

Solid software action plan - Software Audit

Create a solid software action plan

We'll use stringent diagnostics to detect any problems with your project's maturity and business analysis processes. As a result, potential productivity will be maximised.

Roadmap for the future - Software Audit

Build a roadmap for the future

Following the assessment, we'll collaborate with you to develop a solid structure for the future of your software operations, and we'll track your progress to ensure our success is assured.

Post-release product issues - Software Audit

Minimise post-release product issues

To help you identify software bugs before your product ships, we'll test the total system performance of your applications end-to-to-end. That way you can find and address the problems before they ever become problems for your product or ruin your reputation.

Get an unbiased evaluation of your current software solution and build a roadmap for future development, with COGNITIONTEAM

What We Do

We will build an audit outline that incorporates your business needs, project requirements and priorities to serve as a guide throughout the process.

Development Process Audit - Software Audit
Development Process Audit
Software Audit - Software Audit
Software Audit
Five Steps Structure - Software Audit
Our Five Steps Structure
Post-Audit - Software Audit

We'll examine the integrity of each system component of your process:

  • Development and release process
  • Project Management process
  • QA and BA process
  • Organisational framework (RACI)

To perform comprehensive diagnostics on our software team of experts, we use software that involves the following:

  • Architecture
  • Database and data model
  • Code quality
  • Integration layer
  • Security
  • UI/UX
  • Documentation quality
  • BA attributes
  • Testing artefacts


  • Planning and preparation
  • Identifying the needs and goals of your business


  • Collecting data
  • Data analysis
  • Interview sessions
  • Verifying our findings
  • Discussing findings


  • Presenting findings and recommendations to you


  • Co-creating an action plan
  • Implementing audit recommendations


  • Follow-up

In the end, we'll provide you with a full report of any significant findings as well as an assessment of the associated dangers and solutions. We are able to devise a comprehensive problem resolution strategy with you.

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