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Seamless UX - Testing and QA Services

Deliver a seamless UX

We've incorporated efficiency, security, and stability testing into our product design and development process to help you better understand your customers' problems before they're brought to you and focus on the product they do see. So, the experience you have would be excellent, but less prone to company-damaging lag or downtime.

Reduce time-to-market - Testing and QA Services

Reduce time-to-market

Using Continuous Integration and Implementation Services, we will help you get the product to market 80% faster. We perform automated our tests on every stage, and try to detect issues before they become problems so you don't have to go back to fix it.

Cut development costs - Testing and QA Services

Cut development costs

COGNITIONTEAM can help you spot problems while they are easier to address in the SDLC, thus reducing the amount of money needed to fix them. With our test automation solution, the testing costs could be lowered by up to 20%. Scripts designed for your own requirements do not need to be purchased again.

Rapidly scale your business - Testing and QA Services

Rapidly scale your business

We'll assist you in implementing continuous quality assurance that enables you to rapidly adjust to evolving consumer needs, allowing you to concentrate on scaling your company. Our independent testing service provides you with an unbiased second opinion and a greater chance of identifying potential pitfalls and risks.

Ensure software compliance - Testing and QA Services

Ensure software compliance

We'll assist you in ensuring that your software meets the following quality standards: IEEE 829, ISO 29119, IEEE 730, and ISO 25010, by implementing an industry-standard system for performance monitoring, independent testing, and automated testing processes.

Verify the performance, usability and security of your product, quickly and cost-effectively.

What’s Included

 - Testing and QA Services

Software audit

Our software audit service will assist you in evaluating the consistency of your code, as well as the test coverage, protection, user interface, and integration layer, in order to make the required changes to ensure the integrity of your product.

 - Testing and QA Services

Performance testing

A testing service that enables you to develop responsive, secure, and scalable applications while saving you up to 80% on testing time.

 - Testing and QA Services

Test automation

Automated bug detection, by removing human error, and checking the resilience of your programme will reduce QA costs by 20 percent

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