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Complex Supply Chain Management technologies developed by COGNITIONTEAM help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Technology - Supply Chain Management 36%

According to PwC

of manufacturing and assembly is being outsourced, indicating that functions like manufacturing and sourcing remain cores of the supply chain and keys to achieving tighter supply chain integration.

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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software

We build SCM flowchart and inventory control programme, electronic data sharing (EDI), content preparation (MRP), and material criteria planning programmes (MRP), order management systems (OMS) to assist project administration.

Asset Tracking - Supply Chain Management

Asset Tracking Supply Chain Software

To support inventory monitoring and reporting, we integrate advanced asset tracking capabilities with RFID, barcode, QR code scanner, and GPS solutions.

Manufacturing Software Development - Supply Chain Management

Manufacturing Software Development

To acquire and monitor resources, we build comprehensive material resource planning (MRP) software that is compatible with the inventory control and order procurement systems.

Inventory Management Software - Supply Chain Management

Inventory Management Software

We incorporate inventory tracking capabilities that provide you with total insight and leverage of the inventory, meaning that you're still informed of the availability of stock.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - Supply Chain Management

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Our engineers will design and integrate EDI platforms according to specifications such as EDIFACT and ANSI ASC X12 with custom national and international standards.

Can COGNITIONTEAM enhance your Supply Chain Management cycle?

What We Do

Your personalised supply chain & inventory management mobile app can allow you to handle any part of your supply chain & inventory management, from order fulfilment to delivery.

We develop robust shipping and logistics applications as well as reverse logistics software that enables you to handle your package monitoring and distribution operations more effectively.

We design SCM mobile device applications that have real-time insight into the inventory and orders, as well as simple-to-use sales and transaction reporting.

Technology - Supply Chain Management

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