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Complex oil and gas IT technologies developed by COGNITIONTEAM help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Technology - Oil & Gas Software Development 7%

According to PwC

of more than 2000 oil and gas companies identifies themselves as Digital Champions while more than 70% of respondents considered themselves to be in early stages of digital maturity.

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Development for O&G Equipment - Oil & Gas Software Development

Software Development for O&G Equipment Maintenance

We use the HART protocol for hardware state and main measurement real-time data provided by engineers.  Automated readings are retrieved by hydrometers, flow controls, and machines, to enable data processing and monitoring.

Oil Level Control - Oil & Gas Software Development

Oil Level Control Software Development

For customers who see the need for intricate and basic management of oil level needs, COGNITIONTEAM delivers state-of-the-art technology that is easy to understand and user-friendly. Providing real-time details is key in maintaining a secure supply chain.

Analytics - Oil & Gas Software Development

Oil & Gas Analytics

Using real-time analytics to produce timely judgments that are informed by results. From useful insights into overall results, COGNITIONTEAM incorporates analytical tools into your IT architecture.

Transportation Management - Oil & Gas Software Development

Transportation Management Software Development

Using digital and streamlined logistics tools to improve supply-chain management,  manage purchase and logistics within a single business application that optimizes all workflows and execution.

Risk Management - Oil & Gas Software Development

Risk Management Software Development

Keep up with the new technologies and O&G market innovations and specifications with our ROI-focused company solutions. Our analytics allow us to help businesses define danger and where there is space for growth. Our cutting-edge risk analysis software enables us to retain our competitive advantage.

Pipeline Management - Oil & Gas Software Development

Pipeline Management Systems

COGNITIONTEAM centralizes all activities in the oil and gas sector. We provide an all-encompassing approach to leak detection to backing to high efficiency. We design robust and data structures to provide reliable data during the development process.

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What We Do

A community of our tech consultants carry out and move critical data with no loss from the old systems to the current ones.

We should maintain an effective and smooth incorporation of the information systems used for oil and gas pipeline management.

With ongoing help from our developers, we keep our usability and user experience evaluations and create best practises.We ensure the platforms and applications up to date to date, which is crucial for good results.

Technology - Oil & Gas Software Development

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