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of senior execs in technology, media, and telecommunications industries say IoT is critical to some or all lines of their business.

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Unify operations - IoT App

Unify operations

You'll benefit from an intralogistics or related distribution through all the locations with our IoT technologies, including distribution centers and inventory management. You'll  wider  exposure and increased power, for a smoother and more focused operation.

Centralise processes - IoT App

Centralise your processes

We have the IoT (Internet of Things) solution that improves the connectivity among your business infrastructure, apps, and data. You would be able to centralize your leverage your business operations, making them more efficient and enabling faster time to market.

Lower testing costs - IoT App

Lower your testing costs

Emerging Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities can help people in transportation, healthcare, and maybe even agriculture, by creating robust and affordable systems and foreseeable models while maintaining a commitment to long-term cost effectiveness.

Deliver intelligent UX - IoT App

Deliver intelligent UX

We'll assist you in integrating connected technologies such as smart meters and sensors in order to achieve real-time access to a wealth of consumer data that enables you to provide personalized offerings and an intuitive user experience – thus increasing loyalty and revenue.

Connect all business ecosystems - IoT App

Connect all business ecosystems

We'll assist you in designing innovative Internet of Things technologies that provide smartphone applications and other smart device-compatible alternatives, culminating in a truly integrated company that performs better and produces more revenue.

Optimise efficiency, User Experience and revenue with a trusted IoT app development company

Our IoT Services

If the internet of things advances, our developers will take use of their embedded intelligence and cloud-enabled technologies such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud to expand and improve, our computational resources and skills can both grow and become more cost-effective. With the latest technology, we will make the network more reliable and highly effective, thus protecting data privacy.

Managing broad, diverse IT infrastructures – like distribution, supply chain, and retail – is made simpler by COGNITIONTEAM. We have the capacity to easily incorporate enterprise-wide data orchestration systems that offer traceability and stable data. It links objects that previously didn't have the potential to interact or communicate to communicate and interact more quickly, or interconnecting things that have previously couldn't interact or communicate is known as IoT integration.

  • Automation of, and data, inventory, and other employee-resource capacities to be considered critical to an organization's long-term growth
  • Huge amounts of data to be collected and analysed, to give you better visibility over performance and security.
  • Good policy, high-performance decision making, KPI assessment and reporting

By means of sensors, IoT computers, middleware, and mobile apps, we develop innovative intelligent services for indoor positioning This also allows for real-time monitoring in huge fields, making it easier to track you down than GPS. Wi-Fi-enabled IoT systems may provide location-based marketing for organizations and perform traffic analysis. To allow for indoor positioning, enable line-of-based positioning.

  • smarter asset and inventory management in warehouses
  • intelligent supply chain management
  • highly efficient workload and workforce monitoring
  • better theft prevention and worker accountability controls

COGNITIONTEAM’S technologies allow for automating manual operations that may require significant risk such as aircraft testing and farm inspections. autonomous, drone-based point positioning and mapping without human intervention Though our tools may be used in GPS-enabled environments, the outputs would be tied to digital twins.

We build fleet-wide telematics to gather and capture and report fleet vehicle performance in real time. This lets you make reasonable choices on resource use, increases operating performance, and makes connected car routing more dependable.

We create custom IoT apps and smart home integrations that empower all of your IoT gadgets, sensors, and networks. You can now do a lot of your smart appliances and computers while they're wired to a Wi-Fi network.

  • take advantage of smart automation
  • adjust your lighting or heating from your phone, tablet or voice-controlled interface
  • monitor your energy consumption
  • gain instant remote access to your smart environment for peace of mind
  • receive instant alerts in the event of a breach or issue
Technology - IoT App

What We Do

Business analysis and consulting

We develop strategies around your specific specifications before conducting an IoT review and implementation. By enhancing your data, we help you increase the value of your Internet of Things and producing tangible benefits to serve your customers and stakeholders.

Custom IoT app development

Our team of engineers and designers can help you create a fully Internet of Things-enabled infrastructure. You can use our services to create intelligent replacements that enable you to get the maximum value from interconnected devices.

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