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Improve internal efficiency and teamwork, by improving The resilience with COGNITIONTEAM’S DevOps consulting services.


potential reduction in time-to-market, for those organisations adopting DevOps.

According to Deloitte

We Will Help You

Cost-effective - DevOps

Manage IT applications cost-effectively

We'll assist you in incorporating responsive scaling and delivering cost-effective help. You'll be able to introduce improvements more rapidly and frequently, growing the Period to Value of the product or service, lowering the overall cost of ownership, and enhancing the workplace environment.

Enhance service - DevOps

Enhance your service

COGNITIONTEAM’S integrated Development Operations and Operations-Focused Development (DevOps) help you ensure constant and efficient high-quality customer service. We'll help you build and maintain a strong infrastructure that can handle your service environment's demands, no matter how intense or unexpected they may be.

Improve operations - DevOps

Improve operations

We will assist you in automating operations and automating to enable on-the-demand resource and process scaling. This brings greater flexibility and productivity to the workplace.

Development lifecycle - DevOps

Reduce development lifecycle

Infrastructure and maintenance are both covered by our DevOps professionals, meaning you can spend your time on main business goals. The more effective your capital allocation is, the more easily and more economically you can agree and achieve your growth objectives.

Data security - DevOps

Take care of your data security

COGNITIONTEAM’S DevOps consultancy services offer an extra layer of protection by adding a central logging and reporting, thus improving the device reliability and network monitoring. Your tools and systems will be immediately visible, while your technology will keep humming along like a well-oiled machine.

COGNITIONTEAM’S DevOps consultancy services can help you incorporate streamlined processes and continuous delivery.

What We Do

We begin by understanding the challenges we are facing, your goals, as well as the aspects and any issues we might have on your project's success. In this point, we focus on your goal ROI, project deadlines, and look for any potential roadblocks.

Here we build versions of the code, and automated procedures, as well as establish the overall project development and infrastructure. In order to implement the schedule, we'll make the necessary plans, create and roll-out a project plan, and produce project reports.

As a precaution, we conduct quality management tests to see how the commodity can impact business operation and pave the foundations for a continuous monitoring programme.

We conduct tests and design implementations, after which we make systems changes and develop procedures, before finally releasing and producing release notes and generating the new products. With ongoing help from our developers, we keep our usability and user experience evaluations and create best practises.

Technology - DevOps

Technologies We Work With

  • IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service (e.g. Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine)
  • PaaS - Platform as a Service (e.g. Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, Google AppEngine)
  • DaaS - Database as a Service (e.g. Amazon RDS, Google Cloud SQL)
  • SaaS - Software as a Service (e.g. Salesforce)
Technology - DevOps

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