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Analyze the data in depth and enhance business efficiency by deciding what the customers really desire.


workers will wear smart glasses by 2025, up from 400,000 in 2016.

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Data boost - Data Science

Use data to boost sales

We provide data modelling and research services to companies spanning a number of sectors, including e-commerce, retail, fashion, and finance. We assist our clients in tailoring their offerings by personalization, smart advice, and targeting – reducing turnover and sales overheads whilst increasing conversion and AOV and sales.

Business efficiency - Data Science

Improve business efficiency

We provide data science consulting and optimization services to the logistics and agriculture industries, assisting them in implementing predictive maintenance, intelligent route planning, and yield optimization technologies. Our modelling experience enables finance clients to automate processes and enhance their fraud analytics and risk management.

Manage risks - Data Science

Effectively manage risks

We review the modelled data in order to assist you in applying prescriptive analytics and machine learning models, which allow you to immediately qualify leads, measure achievements, forecast business demand, and overcome challenges. This encourages you to spend your energies and energy on places with the greatest return on investment.

Operational Performance - Data Science

Enhance Operational Performance

We'll assist you in augmenting critical systems and optimizing areas such as call center workload or components and product management, allowing you to balance the costs of asset management. Additionally, our specialists would assist you in improving the controls such that you can easily assess and monitor efficiency – thus reducing the time and budget requirements.

Deliver exceptional, intelligent, UX - Data Science

Deliver exceptional, intelligent, UX

We will assist you in creating intelligent digital assistants capable of delivering timely, customized responses. You may translate unstructured information into usable data using natural language processing (NLP), computer vision (CV), and deep learning techniques. Since NLP enhances all facets of computer-human interactions, you'll be able to have a new standard of customer interface that increases acquisition and retention.

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What We Do

Our big data consulting and product development services empower you to invent, test innovative tools, discover new ways to use data, and consistently refine your big data solutions.

We improve project execution for our customers by using our patented natural language processing technologies. We develop tools to help you accelerate customer-centric projects such as input review, support automation, content access, and semantic search.

We aim to develop intelligent computer vision applications and high-end CV technologies that can significantly improve company processes and strategies. Through collecting data from photos, live video feeds, and video frames, we assist our clients in optimizing their business processes.

COGNITIONTEAM’S predictive analytics offerings provide data strategy consulting and custom machine learning-based model creation, as well as full-stack predictive analytics product development.

COGINITIONTEAM is a provider of integrated data collection tools that enables data-driven companies to thrive. We provide OCR, data capture, and extraction services to help you handle the data and simplify business processes.

COGNITIONTEAM is a one-stop company for introducing the organization's first Business Intelligence approach, fine-tuning current data processing tools, and engineering and implementing an enterprise data warehouse.

Technology - Data Science

Technologies and devices

Methods we apply
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Machine Learning/Deep Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Computer Vision
  • Simulations
  • Natural language processing
  • GPU Computing
Technology - Data Science

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