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Increase your productivity, stability, reduce costs, and better service COGNITIONTEAM’S with our custom blockchain services and Smart Contracts.


respondents of the PwC’s Global Blockchain Survey say their organisations are actively involved with blockchain.

According to PwC

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Transaction Costs - Blockchain

Reduce your transaction costs

While you are using blockchain-based technologies, you will bypass the middleman. No third-party participation would not only help companies save capital, but also results in productivity and increased protection.

Boost Efficiency - Blockchain

Boost operational efficiency

We are dedicated to the trustworthiness and predictability of our Smart Contract-enabled maintenance and compliance procedures. through a private blockchain, you'll be able to reduce the resources allocated tasks whilst maintaining data integrity

Improve security - Blockchain

Improve the security of your financials

Emerging Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities can help people in transportation, healthcare, and maybe even agriculture, by creating robust and affordable systems and foreseeable models while maintaining a commitment to long-term cost effectiveness.

Bolster asset security - Blockchain

Bolster your asset security

Decentralized apps driven by blockchain technologies offer you the freedom to retain complete and consistent product details from the moment it's production to the point of sale, including its price, its geographic position, and the benefits it offers. And if the supply chain is disrupted, you can be confident it stays transparent, efficient, and traceable.

Adapt and compete - Blockchain

Adapt and compete

Asserting our offering would enable you to improve service, pay transactions quicker, and with greater asset liquidity using tokens Using COGNITIONTEAM blockchain technology places your consumers one move ahead of your rivalry.

COGNITIONTEAM as your blockchain software company would help you increase productivity, agility, and protection.

What We Do

Our expertise will conduct an analysis of your company infrastructure to find vulnerabilities and opportunities that can be addressed by custom blockchain technology growth. We'll partner with you to create and validate a solution that will eventually improve your organizational performance and competitiveness – making appropriate improvements along the way.

We'll customize the ecosystem to encourage the implementation of blockchain technology by creating transparent lines of communication that ensure a stable and trouble-free deployment.

Our dedicated UI/UX specialists can collaborate with you to develop a blockchain application that is user-friendly. We'll do a needs analysis and develop a design-led approach that brings tangible value and keeps your customers satisfied.

We perform robust post-launch quality assurance to ensure the smoothest practicable rollout phase. Wherever we identify challenges or future threats, our team of professionals will make changes to ensure the blockchain solution's long-term sustainability.

Blockchain Technology

Industry Implementations of Blockchain

Finance and Banking - Blockchain
Finance and Banking
Insurance and Healthcare - Blockchain
Insurance and Healthcare
Advertising and Entertainment - Blockchain
Advertising and Entertainment
E-commerce and Retail - Blockchain
E-commerce and Retail
Logistics and Transportation - Blockchain
Logistics and Transportation
Government and Education - Blockchain
Government and Education
  • Reduces the expense of transacting across borders
  • Facilitates the collection of payments
  • Automates the generation of automated invoices
  • Allows for portfolio management on the blockchain
  • Reduces the likelihood of human error and theft
  • Can be used to automate accounting using artificial intelligence
  • Enhances account accuracy and confidentiality
  • Allows for access to personal information and data exchange without jeopardising the reliability or confidentiality of the data.
  • Provides third-party-free identification authentication, stable contracts, and asset sharing.
  • Improves consumer ad targeting
  • Prevents malware threats
  • Provides accurate statistics on consumer spending
  • Smart Contracts enable fair and transparent content sharing
  • Enables blockchain-based streaming platforms
  • Facilitates licencing transactions
  • Reduces cost of video traffic by decentralising encoding, storage, and content distribution
  • Boosts customer engagement with blockchain-based recognition and loyalty programs
  • Prevents e-commerce fraud through blockchain-enabled verification
  • Lowers transaction costs and tightens transaction security
  • Provides counterfeit and fraud protection
  • Enables supply chain-wide traceability of suppliers and goods, to monitor defective supplies, food contamination etc.
  • Enhances transactional, shipment, and fleet control skills
  • Protects assets and increases fleet efficiency
  • Road preparation is optimised by coordinating drivers and deliveries to   available trucks.
  • Enables the tracking and recording of physical assets along the supply chain
  • Reduces election fraud with secure and transparent infrastructure for casting, tracking, and counting votes
  • Provides verifiable audit trails
  • Provides identity management driven by blockchain technology
  • Reduces financial burdens and improves public services
  • Streamlines educational verification procedures and student record storage via decentralised apps
  • Secures and monitors official documents


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