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Reduce costs - Smart Team

Reduce resourcing costs by up to 50%

We'll assist you in rapidly scaling up to achieve your objectives by managing your squad and allocating tasks on a day-to-day basis. Save approximately 50% on in-house resources and pay a clear monthly invoice if and when you need additional assistance.

Skill set - Smart Team

Meet any gap in your skill set

We're here to help in every way you can. These COGNITIONTEAM’ Centres are part of Smart Team: Project Management, Software Engineering & Development, Data Quality, Design, Customer Support, Design Office, Software Development, Assurance, Enterprise Architecture, Quality Engineering, and Administration.

Product market - Smart Team

Get your product to market faster

We have the best-fit approach of providing project services (e.g.g. personnel, facility, and technology) plus project/software management; a Software Configuration Management (SCM) We also have time-reduction on efficient scope decomposition, helping you make your project go as quickly as possible.

Core business - Smart Team

Focus on your core business

Whatever stage in your SDLC project we can meet, we can pick up and support your most complicated tech needs Having decided to concentrate on one main products, you'll be able to spend more time on your creative solutions.

Best existing team - Smart Team

Get the best from your existing team

We'll incorporate your cultural habits and lessons and help the organisations implement the process and organisational learning strategies. And we have the capability to assist with the overall team's expertise and capability in emerging technology and processes.

Need to quickly scale up to meet your goals? See how COGNITIONTEAM'S Smart Team can help you.

How Our Smart Team Works

We'll incorporate a nearshore/offshore team of COGNITIONTEAM-managed tech experts into your organisation, enabling you to rapidly scale your development capabilities and complete your project.

Team allocation - Smart Team
Team allocation
Team management - Smart Team
Team management
Project kick-off - Smart Team
Project kick-off
Full transparency - Smart Team
Full transparency

We utilise your defined criteria to assemble a team of 35+ tech professionals who are uniquely qualified to meet the needs of the project at hand.

We handle dedicated teams as single-mindedly as you would like, to specific expectations, according to their needs. With the main businesses activities on your plate, you will concentrate on your key product or service objectives.

If you involve us from the start, we'll organise teams and establish all communication channels – through a COGNITIONTEAM Project Manager and Technical Lead.

Our Smart Team adheres to our proprietary delivery system, which is characterised by consistency, predictability, and transparency. This incorporates Agile methodologies, practise, and rigorous security requirements to ensure that you always have complete visibility.

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