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Application re‑engineering - Create a superior UX

Create a superior UX

We'll work with you to design application interfaces that prioritise usability, increase customer engagement, and give you a competitive advantage in an ever-changing marketplace. We will modernise your technology stack and re-design your applications to provide enhanced functionality and a more polished appearance.

Application re‑engineering - Become more scalable and flexible

Become more scalable and flexible

Our cloud migration services enhance the scalability, security, and versatility of your existing software solutions, enabling you to transition to the rapidly evolving modern business world – unrestricted by the technological constraints of legacy systems.

Application re‑engineering - Optimise applications faster

Optimise applications faster

Our nearshore and offshore team of tech experts will enforce CI/CD processes, saving considerable time and effort – without the need for a freeze, which results in downtime and revenue loss.

Application re‑engineering - Improve app maintainability

Improve app maintainability

We'll assist you in implementing a SaaS delivery model that simplifies framework updates, leverages the advantages of the Cloud, and enables faster maintenance – all while lowering costs in comparison to on-premise hosting.

Application re‑engineering - Pre-empt performance issues

Pre-empt performance issues

With reengineering services that upgrade the current infrastructure and/or technology stack, we'll assist you in resolving performance problems and taking strategic measures to prevent them from recurring.

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What We Do

Before scoping the project's specifications, schedule, and budget, we learn about your particular business proposition. Thus, we can tailor our reengineering response to your specific requirements.

Application re‑engineering - Requirements and scoping
Requirements and scoping
Application re‑engineering
Application re-engineering
Application re‑engineering - Launch and support
Launch and support

We'll get to know your company inside and out in order to determine which application enhancements can result in the greatest increase in productivity and success. Whether it's creating a more intuitive user experience, assisting you in automating processes, or migrating services to the cloud, we can support.

After defining your specifications, budget, and timeline, our team of software engineers will develop and test comprehensive application re-engineering solutions that integrate with your existing legacy setup. We'll make changes and improvements only when they really add value.

Our engineers can deploy, configure, and launch your reengineered solution in your environment, whether it be on-premise, in the cloud, or through an Android/iOS app store for mobile applications. COGNITIONTEAMS' L2/L3 Support services would help you by lowering your maintenance costs and allowing you to concentrate your team on BAU.

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