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Aviation - Sundair

An Airline’s Online Ticket Booking Engine & Internal Crew App

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Aviation - Sundair


Sundair is a young and independent airline established in 2016 in Stralsund with bases in Kassel-Calden, Berlin-Brandenburg, Dresden, and Bremen.Sundair provides vacation services to the world’s most glamorous resorts and also operates custom and charter flights using its new fleet of seven aircraft.

Industry: Aviation
Location: Europe
Client since: 2016
Seamless switchover with zero trading downtime
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Call for a ticket booking engine and an internal dedicated crew app

Sundiar needed to acquire an online ticket booking engine while still gaining visibility into expensive performance problems. It’s a significant undertaking to develop and deploy an app that provides streamlined ticket quest, travel booking, check-in, and flight notification capabilities to passengers. Additionally, an internal crew app was required to keep pilots and flight attendants current with the knowledge necessary to perform their jobs; there is little space for error when designing such a complex platform. The development of such a complex architecture in accordance with IATA guidance added to the difficulty of the challenge. Nonetheless, continuous innovation necessitates the addition of additional systems, software, and services — both on-premise and in the cloud — which increases the likelihood of slowdowns and outages. Sundair was also faced with re-architecting software, developing cloud-native applications, and managing several workloads in a distributed world as a result of its cloud-first strategy.

Aviation - Sundair


A Solution derived from extensive research and analysis.

Sundair utilises performance management to maximise the distribution of their offering and guarantee consumer delight — from fare purchase to the day of travel and beyond. As a result, Sundair engaged Cogntionteam to assist them in digitally transforming their organisation. Prior to the app creation phase, our industry analysts conducted extensive analysis and brainstorming. At the conclusion of the exploration process, the project’s “Who, Who, When, Where, and Where” was carefully scrutinised.

Our knowledgeable team of product designers conducted extensive research on the service. Via Cognitionteam’s end-to-end insight into the customer interface, Sundair executives can easily see the market effect of the technologies in terms of what passengers experience and what it entails for the bottom line. This includes recognising mean time to settlement, mean time to discovery, as well as the platform’s overall uptime and efficiency.

Cognitionteam aided Sundair in efficiently managing the whole digital environment - from the time the client signs in until the time they leave. Additionally, the design team collaborated with airline personnel and crew members, holding live interviews, to create a dedicated internal crew programme that enables consumers to handle customer experience throughout the trip. It provides new in-flight services functionality and a real-time crew roster to ensure Sundair’s guests receive smooth and continuous service. After collecting all of the necessary nuts and bolts, it was time to begin the project’s implementation. Our planners, engineers, and quality analysts executed the project using an agile creation process and collaborated together to accomplish the project’s objectives. Additionally, our project managers conducted routine checks to ensure that the project progressed successfully and on schedule.


Sundair collaborated with us to develop their very first booking interface project. The most significant task was designing and developing a passenger booking engine. Our software designers and engineers collaborated with Sundair to create an innovative user-centric booking engine. The online and smartphone interfaces are compatible with all necessary functionality, and the architecture is separate for passengers and staff, ensuring airline operations remain balanced. After its inception, the booking interface has drawn a large number of passengers and aided Sundair in growing from a fleet of two to seven airplanes.

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