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Automobile - Lottalk

Real-time contact for remote management the car buying phase.

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Automobile - Lottalk


LotTalk was established to meet demand and supply in an open marketplace where real-time contact can be used to completely remote manage the car buying phase. Via feedback, suggestions, and interactions, consumers locate inventory and engage with salespeople.

Industry: Automobile
Location: North America
Client since: 2018
Seamless switchover with zero trading downtime
Reports refreshed 20% faster


Developing a web and mobile platform to handle a vehicle’s transactional needs.

The primary task was to plan, develop, and launch a framework that consists of a catalogue of new and pre-owned automobiles from which sellers and buyers would profit from hundreds of vehicle listings. The website and smartphone device were to be built from the ground up. The interface is comprised of a powerful search engine that satisfies consumer requirements. The complication increases further due to the upfront messaging and chat interface, which enables users to communicate with car dealerships and owners through messages prior to physically visiting them, thus sparing them from the barrage of outbound communication. The app needed to evolve to a higher degree of maturity, where consumers could not only pick the right cars based on their scores, but also among the highest ranking and most trustworthy dealerships and salespeople, supplying users with the best service possible with the click of a button and bringing their dream ride home.

Automobile - Lottalk


Digitalization of car buying and selling experience over Web & Apps.

Optimizing the website for global reach increased not just the user base and reach exponentially, but also helped the organisation establish a global brand identity. Lottalk was able to get the product to market in three months due to our extensive domain awareness and growth expertise.

The website is operated by react, and the mobile framework is developed using react native for both Android and iOS. Our specialists contributed a wealth of expertise and techniques to the project and ensured that we maintained the ‘user-first’ orientation we desired. Our customer interface specialists’ advice during the audit, seminars, wireframes, physical architecture, and finally, the design evaluation, aided in the project’s performance.

The objective is straightforward: ensure that the operation is accessible to local customers. This is why Lottalk is the market leader in terms of visitors, visits, bounce rate, and pages per session. The national scope of COGNITIONTEAM’S content marketing campaign — which drives traffic from as far away as New York and Chicago — establishes domain authority for the Lottalk website, allowing it to rank for a wider variety of keywords and expand its potential audience.


This latest website and smartphone application have allowed Lottalk to expand the boundaries of online car sales by streamlining the process of selling and purchasing vehicles on their website, relieving users of the hassle of outbound contact and allowing them to concentrate on sourcing more great cars for their inventory. Not just that, but they have developed a dedicated following as a result of their ability to successfully express their message and narrative. We’d like to claim credit, but the website was not produced through magic. It is now simply performing its function of connecting sellers and buyers and automating the business, allowing Lottalk to focus on what it does best: love cars and love people.

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