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Real Estate - Lincoln Title

Real Estate - Property estimation and valuation

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Real Estate - Lincoln Title


Lincoln Title deals in real estate assets and listings, as well as assisting homebuyers in obtaining title insurance. The web and mobile interfaces allow users to scan for and estimate assets from the platform’s diverse inventory.

Industry: Real Estate
Location: North America
Client since: 2020
Seamless switchover with zero trading downtime
Reports refreshed 20% faster


Digitilization of on field Real Estate valuation services

The client desired to migrate from an established field service network to a connected workforce community. A new solution was needed to provide property buyers and sellers with real-time estimates. The home builder desired real-time communication between their field personnel and their trader through a web portal and mobile applications. The customer desired to simplify the method of handling mobile workforces and completing service requests. They desired an Enterprise Mobility Solution that would allow customers to enter property information and produce real-time transactional estimates. This would also assist them in determining the actual market value of a property and enabling users to sell or purchase one. However, displaying pertinent knowledge about home models inside the confines of a smartphone app is a significant obstacle.

Real Estate - Lincoln Title


Deployment of cross-platform Xamarin Apps

Cognitionteam created a cross-platform mobile application that is compliant with a variety of Android and iOS smartphones. The platform was designed from the ground up to have a superior user experience on mobile devices.

The client’s problem of real-time property valuation was discussed by Xamarin developers by the use of a Cross-platform Xamarin Mobile App published on Play Store and App Store. The mobile app enables users to conduct analysis, add property descriptions, establish a budget, provide all required expenses, Title insurance and produce accurate buying and sale figures in pdf format that can be spread through various channels. Additionally, it allows tracking of the progress of those service demands.

Users also access all necessary details on a particular property through their app, which often allows for real-time updates on the status of service requests. Thus, the method of property assessment and estimate creation is simplified, and the service level provided to end-customers with 100% retention is significantly improved. Our team of experienced developers successfully executed the project well within the given time frame.


Our experienced team of mobile software developers gained an understanding of the project’s technological requirements during an analysis of the client’s current in-field network and then began collaborating on the project’s critical areas. The end result is a high-performance, simple-to-use, feature-rich app that enables consumers to locate the best assets in the city that meet their food and products requirements. Not only did our client enjoy it, but it was often noticed by end consumers. The Xamarin cross-platform framework is a one-of-a-kind platform for estimation measurement and generation. The client completed its objective of developing an application capable of meeting the demands of a variety of real estate cuatomers. Indeed, the customer expressed a strong desire to continue working with us.

Real Estate - Lincoln Title

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