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Human Resource Management - Companymood

Helping organizations around the world to measure and sustain employee satisfaction.

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Human Resource Management - Companymood


CompanyMood is helping organizations around the world to measure and sustain employee satisfaction.

Industry: Human Resource Management
Location: Europe
Client since: 2018
Seamless switchover with smartphone apps.
Boost in employee engagement


Creating and delivering a one-of-a-kind cross-platform application for tracking employee satisfaction.

The original Companym Ruby on Rails application was still in use, serving such a special service presented several additional challenges. With this in mind, the aim was to develop a multi-platform app that could accurately gauge the moods and levels of happiness of their involvement. Mood appraisal, reviews, real-based on-the-the-fly user feedback, salience included CompanyMood is here to serve people who are interested in, to plan, create, and review new solutions.

Human Resource Management - Companymood


Identification of critical technology and advancement of smartphone applications.

Since identifying the problem, the primary focus turned to selecting the appropriate technologies, a key component of effectively integrating the online interface into mobile architecture. The production team began producing the findings quickly. The development stack is structured with React, and the build is deployed in native iOS and Android for the respective platforms.

We’re constructing an application on this foundation, and providing our own-developed specialties on top of the features. Using this technique, we were able to hold everything in one place, while still making the process of integration as simple as possible. Think positively: about the future. We still give the key menu detail, but it is now a simple to use after moving it around and reorganising into a less visually cluttered architecture, providing a better user experience. Using the latest mobile version users will sign up using several ways, resulting in an incredible rise in participation. We’ve expanded the number and improved the quality of the apps developed in partnership with our engineers, as well as the creation of new ones. This system was developed by an enterprise that spans the globe. Since Companymod has been in operation, it has seen an improvement in employee involvement and found critical business insights so far. We continue to carry out new updates on a quarterly basis according to the current roadmap.


The new Companymood cross-platform smartphone framework has unlocked the platform’s infinite pool of users, whilst the iOS and Android models of the web app have cleared visitor pathways for current and established customers. Employees will quickly express their mood condition when away from their desks, assisting management in analysing their mental health, boosting their spirits, and ultimately increasing efficiency. Companymood has continued to work with us and is a satisfied client as a result of our reliable IT and support services.

Human Resource Management - Companymood

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