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Cyber Security - Reduce compliance burden

Reduce compliance burden

Dedicated experts should be brought in to evaluate the company processes, products, and systems, against industry regulations. We'll help you identify strengths, weaknesses, and empower you to secure against the opportunities that arise.

Cyber Security - Increase attack survivability

Increase attack survivability

We'll assist you in identifying and resolving security problems prior to your product's launch. By incorporating security controls early in the application's software development lifecycle, you can ensure security by design and default. Your product' reliability and protection will be enhanced, assisting you in avoiding fines and possible brand harm.

Cyber Security - Ensure the effectiveness of security controls

Ensure the effectiveness of security controls

COGNITIONTEAMS’ helps you check the efficiency of your operational security measures, enabling you to keep them at their standard level while improving your business goals. Higher visibility is a good indicator of control performance in complex infrastructures and in missions-critical applications.

Cyber Security - Improve corporate security posture

Improve corporate security posture

You'll have an organised mechanism to assess the potential risks involved in your venture. To define assets of knowledge, evaluate the possible threats, we use this critical thinking to find an effective solution.

Cyber Security - Develop a robust security strategy

Develop a robust security strategy

Most importantly, our protection team will help you define the risk, including building out long-term solutions to address it, with actionable risk plans to guide short-long term fixes.

With COGNITIONTEAMS security services, you can discover risks and mitigate losses.

What We Do

We make the guidelines, procedures, specifications, and regulations part of our proposals in order to demonstrate any enforcement holes. Once we send you suggestions, you will be able to produce, evaluate, and execute them. We use our know-how to help clients in the financial, healthcare, and retail sectors keep their IT solutions secure.

Assesment & Testing
Assessment & Testing
Managed Services
Managed services

To optimise the productivity of a project, discovery

During 'discovery,' we will perform an initial assessment and data flow review of the method, product, or framework in scope to ensure that we have a mutual understanding of the project. We would then be able to make correct resource needs assessments.

Assessment and testing: identifying and resolving differences and nonconformities

We will thoroughly analyse the process, product, or system under consideration during the evaluation – assessing production activities, preparation, and possible gaps.

To identify and exploit the holes

We provide our clients with an in-depth review to resolve their challenges and capitalise on their opportunities. Discovery of new or inventive methods helps you capitalise on important new-to-style threats in the IT industry.

When reviewing, be meticulous in looking for negative trends and craft imaginative recommendations

WE have a team of experienced researchers who will review all of the data before accepting it. To further improve your security, we then design a technical solution, by looking into specific areas and implementing specific solutions. We'll decide what resources are available, then justify the solution's expense, and then we'll devise a long-term strategy.

Execution: pursuing results: trying to realise solutions

We'll collaborate with our security professionals to find new security services and solutions. Fostering new protection, work processes, and procedures will enable you to stay current on emerging threats and efficiency improvements

Solving the best possible outcomes

Our implementation is going to get you what you want. By creating security changes for a variety of different business situations, we will help you remain current in a fast-changing market and by continuing to monitor and provide operational reporting and advice.

Security Services

Security Testing Services

In general, due to robust risk assessment services offered by the COGNITIONTEAM, you will be able to identify and mitigate internal threats. We offer you comprehensive root cause analyses and analyses, all the way down to specific problems that could affect your company. That our trained professionals have the on-the-the-ground expertise to find and assist you to correct problematic areas.

  • This encompasses all web security research across mobile and desktop devices
  • Connecting the dots around the infrastructure, device, and data layer
  • Security testing, static and dynamic
  • Adherence to internationally recognised standards, such as ISO 27k, OWASP Top 10, and SANS Top 25
  • Assessment of vulnerability
  • Threat detection
Security Compliance Services

Security enforcement monitoring enables you to resolve concerns early on, before they escalate into major issues. Our Security Framework allows you to exceed consumer expectations while adhering to regulatory requirements, industry standards, and best practises. We identify critical threats and assist you in planning for future security problems through the use of COGNITIONTEAMS' resources and experts.

  • Assessments of gaps, preparation, and maturity
  • Security inspection
  • ISO 27001/2 ISMS
  • GDPR privacy assessment
  • Directive NIS
  • Compliance with SOC 2
  • ISO 27005: Risk control
  • Cloud Control Matrix of the CSA
  • ISO 22301: BCP
  • PCI Data Security Standard

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