About Us

We are Cognitionteam, dedicated to helping businesses harness the power of digital technology to transform their businesses and reach new heights of success. As a leading digital transformation advisory and engineering firm, we provide technology and staffing solutions to both global organizations and emerging technology companies.

Inspiring Vision, Purpose-Driven Mission: Guiding Our Success

Our vision is to ignite the spark of digital progress, propelling businesses forward into the future. We dream of a world where technology seamlessly integrates into every aspect of work and play, and we're driven to play our part in making that vision a reality. Our mission is to empower businesses to fully realize the potential of new technologies. We approach this through expert problem-solving and forward-thinking innovation.

Building an Ethical Tech Future: Our Guiding Principles

Respect for privacy and data security

Fair business practices

Social responsibility

Environmental sustainability

Support for open-source initiatives

Continuous improvement

mission and vision

Why Cognitionteam?

Unleash the full potential of technology with our top IT talent. Our expert teams meticulously craft end-to-end solutions, delivering unparalleled results to software clients. Trust in the best, choose us.

top It Talent

Top IT Talent

Elevate your projects with our expert IT professionals. We scout and train the best software engineers in all over the globe, meticulously selected from a pool of thousands of applicants each year.

top It Talent

Time Zone Alignment

Maximize results with round-the-clock collaboration. Cognitionteam Developers, available worldwide, ensure seamless integration through virtual meetings, prompt email responses, and constant client partnership.

top It Talent

Experienced Teams

Partner with our team of Senior Engineers for success. English-fluent, certified in top technologies, 10+ years' experience, and rigorously trained to conquer every challenge.

Expertise that Elevates Our Talent

Expertise drives our success. Cognitionteam recruits only the top 1% of IT talent, fueling our business and culture with experienced software developers and engineers globally. Rigorous selection ensures excellence.


What does it take to work for Cognitionteam?

Talented developers and engineers that join Cognitionteam go through a rigorous screening that demands expert tech skills, English fluency, exceptional references, and top test scores. Over 1.2 million apply, but only the best make the cut. Access top-tier technology talent for end-to-end solutions, from startups to Fortune 500s.

  • 01Fluent in English
  • 0210+ years experience
  • 03Highly Specialized engineers
  • 04Excellent Communication Skills

Building on a Foundation of Excellence: Our Core Values


Drive Success with our Unmatched Industry Expertise. Let us turn your vision into a reality

At Cognitionteam, we bring Industry expertise to the forefront. Our deep understanding of diverse industries empowers us to deliver customized solutions that hit the mark every time. Elevate your business with our tailored approach to success

Our Pricing Policy

Our pricing models are tailored to suit the unique requirements of each project and the specific nature of the services provided. Depending on these factors, we employ one of the following pricing strategies.

  • 01

    Fixed Price Model

  • 02

    Time & Material Model

  • 03

    Consumption based Pricing Model

  • 04

    Monthly Subscription Model

pricing models
pricing models

Quality management and Process Optimization

Adoption of new technologies

Adoption of new technologies

Employee training and further education

Employee training and further education

In an effort to boost productivity and offer cost-saving benefits to our valued clients, we allocate a portion of our revenue towards the following investments:

Furthermore, in order to expedite the implementation of software solutions and streamline the overall Total Cost of Ownership, we leverage the following cutting-edge technologies and methodologies:


Cloud-native architecture


Test automation


DevOps and the implementation of CI/CD pipelines


Application Performance Management

Benefits of Partnering with Cognitionteam as Your Trusted Vendor

Elevate your business to new heights with our premier full-service digital agency. Our custom-tailored IT solutions, including design, development and digital marketing, will set your brand apart from the competition. Partner with our team of seasoned professionals to achieve your goals and maximize your ROI. Don't settle for less – choose our agency for unparalleled results.

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Predictable performance and quality

Partner with us and rest assured that your project will meet and exceed all quality, time, and budget expectations. Our corporate quality management system, risk management practices, and Project Management Policies ensure seamless implementation and unbeatable results


Reliable service delivery

Your data is safe with us. Our proven information security strategy and management system, combined with round-the-clock in-house monitoring, ensure maximum protection. With cloud-based infrastructure and seamless remote capabilities, we're ready to meet your needs – anytime, anywhere.


Fast development while retaining application stability

Stay ahead of the game with our rapid application development and release strategy. Our iterative approach, Agile project management practices, cutting-edge cloud-native architectures and infrastructure management allow us to release new versions every 2-3 weeks and implement updates multiple times daily.\n


Commitment to excellence

At our core, we're problem-solvers. We're dedicated to delivering comprehensive IT services and robust solutions that drive business success and empower our customers to achieve more. Let us help you think outside the box and elevate your performance to new heights.

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